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Software engineering

We can build almost anything, as long as it’s state-of-the-art software.

We’re engineers

The core of our business is writing elegant code for state-of-the-art applications that boost your business. Since almost everyone at Coding Labs started out as an engineer and knows how to program, doing things right is important to us.

Our software engineering work is extensive. It includes prototypes, MVPs, greenfield applications, API development, refactoring, integrations with other services and technical advice.

Laravel specialists

We craft web applications, games and courses using Laravel most popular stacks, and we’re enthusiastic contributors to open source packages in the Laravel ecosystem. Keep reading to learn more about our stack.


Laravel is the present and future of backend web development, loved by thousands of developers around the world with a comprehensive and active ecosystem.


This ultra-modern frontend framework is our tool of choice for creating rich front-end interfaces. Best of all, it plays nice with Laravel.


Tailwind CSS provides us with almost all the tools we need to build out an app or a site, without writing custom CSS classes.


Inertia serves as the glue between Vue and Laravel with the added advantage of a clean, elegant syntax that makes code easy to read and maintain.


Livewire takes advantage of Laravel’s simplicity, reliability and power on the frontend giving us complex, dynamic and reactive UI with minimal JavaScript and complexity.


Along with being lightweight, fast and easy to learn, Alpine works with Vue, React and other frontend libraries, is tightly integrated with Laravel and doesn’t require a build process.

Technology partner

We can build just about any application that connects to the web and we love to create software that boosts your business. Recently we've built workflow software for an engineering firm, provided technical advice on traceable technology in the textile industry and built an app for travelling families.

Custom software

Our software doesn’t come out of a box!
We create applications tailored to your needs, designed to address your pain points and deliver a solution that works better for you.

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