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Over the last 8 years, we’ve worked with founders and investors to design and build solutions to everyday problems.

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How we help founders and investors win

Software development agency

We’re a full service software development agency with a multi-functional team comprising developers, designers, QC, technical support, product development, project management, infrastructure management and DevOps. We partner with you as your technical consultant, as an embedded team delivering continuous development and delivering a build + support service.

Team building

As a founder you’re often wearing many hats and we know that having the right people in your business is a key driver of success. We’ll help you find and train the right people to take over our role with hands-on guidance and programming principles, upgraded tooling and new processes tailored to your business needs.

Audits and due diligence

Do you need independent advice from an objective third party to analyse a business and identify future concerns? We audit software using our proven methodology to produce a comprehensive report that will help you transition to a quality-first mindset.

Launchpad prototype

It can be hard to convey our ideas in words alone. Starting with freehand sketches to wireframes, we create hi-fidelity designs into an interactive prototype to demonstrate functionality, gather feedback and make decisions, including acquire investment.

" With the prototype I was able to show our investor how it worked and they loved it. They’re onboard - thank you! "

Mark Van der Weegen
Shopview Entrepreneur

" We are so happy with the interactive prototype and branded presentation deck - it's very impressive. We’re about to have our second meeting with a venture capital fund. "

Mitchell Lawson
Healthcare Entrepreneur

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