Surf, Sun & Code


It's no surprise that we chose Burleigh as the ideal place to establish a software development agency. Burleigh's relaxed, laid back, uber cool style layered over a strong surf culture and amazing cafes, restaurants and bars make this a great place to live and work.

Our office can be found in Burleigh Space, a boutique coworking space we started more than 3 years ago, overlooking the beach where our developers work alongside business owners, freelancers and other developers who make up our coworking membership.

afternoon surf

T-shirts, shorts and thongs are de rigueur and team meetings (and celebrations) often happen at an outdoor table at the hugely popular Burleigh Pavilion watching surfers catch an afternoon wave.

But it's not all beer and skittles. During business hours, we can usually be found hard at work, coding a product feature, building a new app or creating a mockup.

Our team

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Steve Thomas

Director / Lead Developer

Entrepreneur and Technical Lead of 14 years, with a passion for technology, innovation and quality software architecture.
Steve lives and breathes code - and table tennis!

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Jerrell Niu

Director / UX Designer

UX designer, developer and director with a diverse range of skills including project management, recruitment and business development.
Jerrell is a proud Dad, a keen basketball player and coach.

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Victoria Suzuki

Developer / Designer

Developer with growing backend and frontend skills, Victoria is a highly accomplished Bachelor of IT graduate from Southern Cross University.
She is a talented artist and a graduate of our 3rd Bootcamp program.

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Jonathan Louw

Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer with expertise in Laravel, VueJS TailwindCSS and mobile technologies.
In his spare time Jono watches TV shows and movies and is an avid Counter-Strike player.