Open Source technology provides the broad shoulders upon which Coding Labs - and countless millions of other developers, businesses and Governments around the world - stand upon.

You may not realise it, but the majority of websites you regularly interact with are built on the back of Open Source technology. What this means in practice, is that some parts of the application are powered by solutions built by other developers, saving you time and money.

We begin any project by looking at how similar problems have already been solved and then apply our expertise to assemble the right mix of open source and proprietary code to build a custom web application that meets your specific requirements.

At Coding Labs we are proud supporters and contributors to the Open Source community.


Laravel is the leading open-source framework for commercial-grade web applications, providing us rapid prototyping, and a thriving ecosystem of developers and tools.


Vue.js provides a powerful frontend scaffolding to take web app interactivity to the next level. Frameworks like Vue.js are underpinning the latest evolution of web applications.


The Tailwind CSS framework largely removes the need to write custom styles, which is a huge win both in upfront development time as well as ongoing maintenance and style changes.

Amazon Web Services

AWS provides the flexible, robust and scalable infrastructure services that we use to turbocharge your application infrastructure, allowing virtually infinite scaling as your business grows.

Open Source Packages

PayPal driver for the Omnipay PHP payment pro... - PHP
Updated 1 month ago
A simple helper to generate paths to assets i... - JavaScript
Updated 1 month ago
Coding Labs Bootcamp #2 - PHP
Updated 1 month ago
Coding Labs Bootcamp #1 - PHP
Updated 1 month ago
Updated 2 months ago
A dropdown component for Vue 2.x. - Vue
Updated 2 months ago


Contributions by the Coding Labs team to other Open Source projects.

The documentation of Flare and Ignition -
Updated 1 month ago
Updater for Laravel Dusk ChromeDriver binarie... - PHP
Updated 2 months ago
Stripe driver for the Omnipay PHP payment pro... - PHP
Updated 4 months ago
Calculates withheld amounts from gross income... - PHP
Updated 5 months ago
🎠 A customizable accessible carousel slider o... - Vue
Updated 10 months ago