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Create an interactive hi-fidelity prototype of your MVP that looks, and works, exactly like the idea you’ve conceived

First step in building
an app

Designing a prototype is one of the first steps we will take when turning your idea into an app.

Bring your idea to life

Designing a prototype is one of the first steps we will take when turning your idea into an app.

Test your idea

An interactive prototype allows you to test and refine your ideas, sharing with stakeholders and potential users to gather feedback.

Make changes easily

Making changes to your prototype is easy and inexpensive, so you can quickly respond to feedback or try something different.

Demonstrate to investors and stakeholders

An interactive prototype is the ideal way to visually demonstrate your ideas to stakeholders and prospective investors far more effectively than words alone.

Interactive prototype + pitch deck

A hi-fidelity interactive prototype paired with a tailored pitch deck is the ideal way to make a compelling proposal and gather commitment from key decision makers.

Build faster and more efficiently

Designing an interactive prototype, testing it with your stakeholders and gathering feedback means that when you start to build your app, the build process is faster and more efficient.

What's included?

User flows

User flows are a step-by-step map of the path a user will take through your app - from entry point to the final interaction.


Wireframes are the element-level sketches of your app, usually following the user flow for each user type.

Tailor-made experience

Let your brand essence shine through our designs. Our aim is to prototype the best representation of your app, aligned with your unique vision, curated just for you.

Pitch deck

A tailored pitch deck allows you to create a highly professional presentation that will impress stakeholders and show why your app will be a success.


A prototype is a interactive flow of hi-fidelity mockups that explore the way that users will interact with your app.

Mood board

A mood board is a way to gather inspiration, make decisions about colour palette, typography, global styling and visualise your brand.

" With the prototype I was able to show our investor how it worked and they loved it. They’re onboard - thank you! "

Mark Van der Weegen
Shopview Entrepreneur

" We are so happy with the interactive prototype and branded presentation deck - it's very impressive. We’re about to have our second meeting with a venture capital fund. "

Mitchell Lawson
Healthcare Entrepreneur