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The race for talent

The shortage of IT workers, particularly developers, has been rising continuously in recent years. To be able to find the people we need to grow and deliver for our clients, we need to improve the quality and speed of the hiring process.

This is how we do it at Coding Labs.

This is how we do it
at Coding Labs

After years of hiring, we’ve learned a few things about how to find and hire the best talent.

Traditional job board don't work

The traditional job post in job boards such as Seek or Indeed doesn’t work. In fact, over the last few years, we’ve made a number of hires and guess how many came to us through a traditional job board? Zero. Zilch. Nada.

What’s worse, those job posts result in about one good quality candidate for every two hundred applicants who don’t possess the required experience, location or qualifications.

Our hires have come almost exclusively from direct enquiries from jobseekers, university partnerships and through our personal connections.

Ignore the qualification (or lack)

Some of our best hires don’t have a Software Engineering qualification. I know, crazy 🤪

Talent is not just about finding the best technical experts but finding real holistic people who are a fit for our organisation and bring lots of ancillary skills.

We look for people who love problem solving, are strong communicators and are self driven about learning. We want to talk to you.

Make an offer quick

It is truly a race. If you find someone who ticks all your boxes then make an offer as soon as you can. Time to hire is more crucial than ever and quality talent who is actively looking, won’t stay on the bench for long.

If you have any doubts about hard skills, these can always be improved, if the candidate is willing to learn.

Work-life balance

The two key motivators for IT talent that is actively looking for a new role, is salary/benefits and work-life balance - although they probably won’t say so in the interview.

Offer your talent regular pay rises to offset cost of living increases, reward loyalty with bonuses, provide flexible working arrangements and be supportive to family and personal needs. Build a culture that encourages having a good life - not who’s first in the office and last out.

Inclusive culture

We’ve got an amazing diverse team here, producing outstanding, often surprising work, in a positive and respectful working environment. Employee feedback shows high levels of employee satisfaction and retention.

We’ve been very deliberate about seeking to hire people that represent the community we live in. That strategy has resulted in a diverse range of ideas and perspectives, increased engagement and motivation, improved job performance and accelerated acquisition of hard skills, and a better understanding of customers.


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