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How much and how long?

One of the first questions I’m asked by businesses thinking about building a custom app much?

Understanding costs
and time

It’s a very reasonable question.

Every business wants to know how much a service will cost before committing to it. But it’s not always an easy question to answer because a real answer depends on a number of factors.

What does it do?

Estimating the cost of building custom software is famously an inexact science but most software developers will agree that the functionality you need will heavily influence the complexity - and the cost.

A better question might be, “How complex is the app?”

How complex?

In software development, complexity refers to the level of difficulty and the amount of effort required to design, develop, test, and maintain a software system. Complexity can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

The number of users

A software system that is designed for a large number of users will be more complex than one designed for a small number of users.

The number of platforms

A software system that needs to be developed for multiple platforms (such as iOS and Android) will be more complex than one that is developed for a single platform.

The level of integration

A software system that needs to integrate with other systems or external data sources will be more complex than one that does not.

The level of security

A software system that needs to have high levels of security will be more complex than one that does not.

The level of scalability

A software system that needs to be able to handle a large amount of data or a high number of users will be more complex than one that does not.

The level of performance

A software system that requires high levels of performance will be more complex than one that does not.

The number of features

The more features a software system has, the more complex it will be to develop and maintain.

What type?

When we think of building an app we need to think about what type of app we should build.

Are we building a web app, mobile app or a hybrid app? Answering this question depends on what the underlying question is, and how your users will use your software.


Native apps are built for specific platforms (iOS or Android) and have access to the full range of mobile device features.


Hybrid apps can run on multiple platforms, from mobile to desktop, and are built using web technologies.

Web apps

Web apps are accessed through a web browser and can run on any device with a web browser.

MVP v Fully Featured Product?

Our preferred approach is MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Why? Because it's the key to success. MVP allows us to launch quickly, gather valuable user feedback, and refine. With a clear focus on essentials, we build a solid foundation, leading to a fully featured product that delights users and outshines the competition.


An MVP is a version of a product with the minimum commercially viable set of features to satisfy early customers and provide feedback for future development.

Fully Featured Product

A fully featured product is a version with all the features that can be imagined, regardless of the cost, time or effort required, and is a high risk way to build software.

A ball park estimate

In most cases the best answer is to provide a very rough estimate of time and cost based on the very limited information we know early in a project.

A exhaustive scoping workshop crystallises the requirements, identifies the risks and uncertainty so a more accurate estimate and timeline can be agreed on.

Custom software projects can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $1M depending on the features and complexity.


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