App Developer Bootcamp


Our App Developer Bootcamp is an intensive 8-week program for aspiring web app developers.

You will be required to commit to one day per week on-location at our offices in Burleigh Heads. We also strongly recommend that you set aside some additional time to conduct your own study.

During the bootcamp, you will be introduced to the tools, frameworks and processes that we use at Coding Labs to produce commercial custom web applications, by contributing to a real-world non-commercial project.


Week 1

Hello, World!

We start by looking at how we decide on a new project, the concept of MVP and an introduction to information architecture.

Week 2

Starting a Project

We'll learn about the steps in starting a new project - gathering requirements, research, user workflows, wireframes and mockups.

Week 3

Tailwind Basics

In this week we'll start using HTML and CSS to build a layout for the mockup we created last week using TailwindCSS.

Week 4

Intro to Laravel

Time to learn about the most popular framework for building custom web applications.

Week 5


We learn how to interact with databases in Laravel using MySQL, the query builder and Eloquent.

Week 6

Database + App

Time for your application and the database to start talking - routes, controllers, models and collections.

Week 7


Time for your database tables to start talking to each other. One-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many relationships.

Week 8


An introduction to Test-Driven Development (TDD) and how to write a test and use it to write code.


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Bootcamp #2

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Bootcamp #2

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Bootcamp #2

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Bootcamp #1

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Bootcamp #1

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Bootcamp #1